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Invest in your child’s future! We promote leadership and communication skills. …more

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“Now I speak with sincerity, earnestness and enthusiasm.” – Nathan, age 9 …more

Parent Testimonials
“Cory has shown enunciation and more confidence while speaking. Great program! Cory really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you.” Wendi McGlothern

“Jaden had more chance to practice [public speaking]. He was able to give a speech! Thank you! It’s been a great experience for Jaden!”
The Fongs

“[My child] is more confident and strong.”
– Bharathi

“Before taking Young Ambassadors Public Speaking & Leadership both my boys were extremely shy, but after this program they became more confident with public speaking and overall gained more confident in themselves. They are also now more pro-active and display more leadership in school and their daily activities.”

“He isn’t afraid of speaking. The course is perfect.”
Joanne Park

“I don’t know how to thank you enough for the confidence that you awarded Eugene with.
I could tell how scared he was about the speech because he never expressed such a strong hesitance with any other activities that he has been doing.
After speech, he told me that he thought at school that it was the worst day of his life, but it turned out to be the best day of his life after all.”

Student Testimonials
“I wanted to take Young Ambassadors Public Speaking & Leadership because I would like to improve how I can express my view or ideas to others because often I stutter and forget my thoughts. ” Farland, age 13
“I now speak with sincerity, earnestness, and enthusiasm.” Nathan, age 9

“I want to improve my speech because I know it will help me in a future job.”
Casey, age 12

When I finished Series 1 of Young Ambassadors Public Speaking & Leadership, I already felt more confident and comfortable about giving speeches.”
Collin, age 8


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  • Lots of recent community support for our program; Wells Fargo has shown an interest in working with us to help improve our classes.  Every little bit helps, and if you’re interested in donating, please visit our Donations page.
  • Public speaking is an integral part of everyday life … from information seeking to persuasive speeches to entertainment, good communication skills are a must!